Zero Kelvin is an ice-element wrestler who dresses in a big light blue afro,blue pants, and white vest. He lives in an igloo and his moves are ice-themed. He is friends with Pierre Del Fuego but there is often conflict between them. In the episode "How Rikochet Got His Move Back" his signature move is revealed to transforming into an ice block. He is voiced by Cusse Mankuma. Zero Kelvin is a student at the main school who was first seen in the episode "Back to school". Also, in the same episode, he yelled out "Lucharan!". In the episode "Hot, Hot, Hot" his igloo was stolen by a bunch of men in penguin suits so he, Rikochet and Pierre Del Fuego went to retrieve it from the old abandoned ice factory where they fought against Igloca who has stolen all the ice in the city. Later he and Pierre Del Fuego learn a new signature move that combined hot and cold.