Zapatos de rata!
— The Flea's Catchphrase

The Flea is the tritagonist of "¡Mucha Lucha!" series. He is the messiest of The Three Mascaritas, but he's also not the brightest out of the three main characters. He usually helps his best friends, Rikochet and Buena Girl with various situations. However, he sometimes makes a decision that might put The Three Mascaritas or other characters in a worse-case scenarios. He also often avoids personal hygiene and cleanliness, which explains why his costume is dirty.

He is voiced by Candi Milo, who also voices Mama Maniaca and Headmistress.


"The Flea is a real animal. He's ferocious, he's hot tempered and he's always ready for a wrestling match. He's also a bit of an underdog, which is one of the reasons that Rikochet has taken him under his wing. The Flea's the opposite of Buena Girl. He's a mess. He digs in garbage, but he's a wealth of information when it come to the history of Masked Wrestling. The Flea's parents run Slammin' Donuts, where our young Luchadores get their daily recommended dosage of donuts courtesy of The Flea's mom and dad. For The Flea, it's all about The Flea. He's simply trying to be all The Flea that The Flea can be."


The Flea has a oval white eye with a full black pupil and he has a light brown skin. Unlike Rikochet and Buena Girl, his white pupils aren't shown since he acts like a troublemaker sometimes in the first season.

He wears a dirty light brown costume and he never washes his own costume often. He has an antenna above his head and sometimes it moves depending on his behavior. He has a dark brown eye piece around his eye that shapes like a right triangle. He has a dark brown oval with a few black lines around his belly. Around his arm, he has a brown outline. On the back, he has a dark brown V-shaped with a few black lines. For details, he has several furs sticking out his costume. He also wears a small brown shoe with no laces on it.

His actual costume can only be seen, when he is washed with water in several occasions. He actually wears a white costume with his same dirty costume appearance. The only difference is his eye piece and his arm outline is dark white. Another difference is his shoes, an oval shaped belly, and a v-shaped outline on his back is also dark white. Although, his costume remained when the color changes from brown to white and white to brown in some of the episodes.


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Signature Moves

  • Trashcan of Terror (Opening Theme and "Mascaritas of the Lost Code" game)
  • The Blazing Turkey of Glory ("Heart of Lucha")
  • Ultimate Digestion Attack ("Revenge of the Masked Toilet")
  • Fabulous Flea Fling ("Calling All Monsters")
  • The Scoop of Salvation ("Dances with Bugs")
  • Stinkful Stench of Fury ("Lucha, Rinse, and Repeat")
  • Mayan Hammer of Horror ("Laying in Ruins")
  • Hairy Knuckles Hoedown ("Undercover Flea")
  • Cookie Cutter of Calamity ("La Bruja")
  • Lucha Lighthouse of Submission with Rikochet, Buena Girl, Megawatt, Protozoa, Zero Kelvin, and Pierre Del Fuego ("El Niño Loco")
  • Leftover Burrito Mirage ("The Brat in the Hat")
  • Collimission of Collision with Rikochet
  • Flipping Flapping Flea of Fury ("Flea at Last")
  • High Dive of Loyalty ("Flea at Last")
  • Golfing Ball of Confidence ("Flea's Personal Demons")
  • Motorcycle of Machismo ("Flea's Personal Demons")
  • Popping Whacker of Truth with Rikochet, Buena Girl, Ensalada De Frutas, Penny Plutonium, Minotoro, French Twist, Private Reinhardt, El Haystack Grande, Potato Patata Jr., El Perrito, Tibor the Terrible, and Megawatt ("Day of the Piñata")
  • Wishbone of Weirdness ("Run, Lucha, Run")
  • The Wrecking Ball of Wrecking ("Epic Tale of Donuts and Heroes")
  • Dental Floss of Destruction ("Epic Tale of Donuts and Heroes")
  • Antenna Slice of Slam ("The Spider and the Flea")
  • Slam Slash with El Loco Mosquito and Dragonfly ("The Spider and the Flea")
  • Mentor Mega-morph with El Loco Mosquito and Dragonfly ("The Spider and the Flea")
  • Flying Banana of Supremacy ("Monkey Business")
  • Ball of Horror ("Field of Screams")
  • Farewell to Arms with Rikochet and Buena Girl ("Field of Screams")
  • The Atomic Agave Anchored Out ("Big Worm")
  • Swirling Sewer of Submission ("I Was a Pre-Teenage Chupacabra")
  • Pounding Drill of Power with Buena Girl, Double Ninja Ninja, and Snow Pea ("10 Rounds of Trouble")
  • Super Rudo Under the Cheek Sneak with Dr. Terrorrifico ("The Magnificent Three")
  • Rolling Tire of Pain with Rikochet and Buena Girl ("The Return of El Maléfico")
  • Breath of Stank ("The Return of El Maléfico")


  • In the "Lucha School" pilot, his costume was originally dark blue with orange eye piece.
  • He was originally known as La Cucaracha in the pilot. The Roach was also considered for the name, but it was never used in the show.


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