The Grande Malo Flea (known as La Cucaracha in the pilot) is a 10-year-old luchador. He is the youngest and most disgusting of the group. In Lucha School he was 9 years old, in season 2 he was 11 years old and in season 3 he was 12 years old. He avoids personal hygiene. He’s not the brightest out of the main three and usually makes bad decisions. He could be described as the troublemaker of the group. He usually refers to himself in the third person perspective (though he has occasionally said "I", "me", "mine", or "my" at times). He likes small and cute things, such as Snow Pea.

The Flea is described as unhygienic. He can often be nervous but is also helpful to his friends. Rikochet and Buena Girl are his best friends. Pulguita, who he is initially jealous of, is his younger sister. Even though he shows envy towards her sometimes, The Flea has a close bond with Pulguita.


Talkative, loud, proud, happy-go-lucky, confident, silly, lively, selfish (at times), emotional, flamboyant, hyperactive, reckless, naïve, troublesome, rebellious.

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