Rick O'Shæ is a leprechaun wrestler who resembles Rikochet. He cheats to win all of his matches, which is considered an honor amongst leprechauns. He became upset with Rikochet because Rikochet fought righteously to win his matches, which made Rick O'Shæ a laughing stock among his peers. He sabotaged one of Rikochet's matches by tying his opponent's shoelaces together, and getting him blamed for hitting Mr. Midcarda with a mallet. He then confronted Rikochet on the street, which made everybody believe he was crazy, causing him to be committed to the "funny farm". Rick then brought Rikochet to leprechaun land and challenged him to a fight, which was broadcast to everybody who thought Rikochet was crazy. Rick O'Shæ used multiple cheating methods to try to beat Rikochet, trying to get him to cheat as well. Rikochet eventually found out that fighting fair actually drives Rick O'Shæ insane, and used that to that advantage. Rick O'Shæ used multiple cheating tactics on him, that backfired. At the end, Rikochet tricked Rick into giving him the source of his power, and use it in a vending machine. Rikochet then beat Rikochet, earned the right to his name, and cleared it because the fight was broadcast to the whole world. Rick O'Shæ uses two unlucky charms, a gold coin with a four-leaf clover on it, and a gold coin with an upside-down horseshoe on it, to gain the cheating abilities he uses to win fights. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.