Penny Plutonium(/Plutonio) is the show's resident genius character. She often conducts science experiments that usually backfire. She has a secret crush on Rikochet. She seems to be accident-prone and always gets others into predicaments. She doesn't have a signature move because she always changes her moves all the time. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain .


Penny is a sweet girl and is very smart. Even though she is very smart in school subjects and wrestling, she isn't too successful at being social.



  • It is hinted that she has a huge crush on Rikochet.
  • She is one of the few girls that wears a skirt.
  • It is shown that Penny's eyes are blue.
  • in the incredible penny plutonium she finally got a signature move which is brain buster, she jumps in the air and hit's her foes with a giant brain on top of them.
  • She is also a fan made character, the girl that created her is a New York local girl that entered the character contest and with luck won (it was said she made this character of what she wish her personality really was)


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