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— Masked Dog's Catchphrase

Masked Dog is Rikochet's pet dog and El Rey's companion. He often follows Rikochet whenever they go on an adventure with Buena Girl and The Flea or travel to different places. Throughout the first season, most masked wrestlers knows that he's cool and gives him a super cool handshake.

He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, who also voices Rikochet and Mr. Midcarda in the first 2 seasons including "The Return of El Maléfico" movie. In the third season, he was replaced by Jason Marsden.


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Signature Moves

  • Knocking Paws (Season 1)
  • Wilting Dog Breath of Doom ("Lucha, Rinse, and Repeat")


  • In the pilot, Masked Dog was originally The Flea's (Known as La Cucaracha) pet owner.


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