The guardian of "El Canyon Grande" who is a giant cloud baby with blue skin & a cloud diaper. He appeared in "El Niño Loco (episode)". He is voiced by Alanna Ubach. He also has the ability of atmokinesis.

Biography Edit

He made an attempt to prevent the main protagonists from going to their planned battle named Lucha Palooza at El Canyon Grande National Park. While traveling, The Flea made the bus crash on his right foot, El Niño Loco appeared and interfered with the trip of our heroes. After many attempts to defeat him, they finally did it after combining powers forming the lucha lighthouse of rendicion and put him on a baby bed. Rikochet, Buena Girl and The Flea realized that El Niño Loco was hurt on his big toe because the bus crashed and then they heal him. Later, they went to Lucha Palooza, which they won thanks to the help of the El Niño Loco and his smelly abilities.

He has abilities as make lightnings, tonadoes, cold breath, floods, hot days and stinky gasses.

El Niño Loco is tall as a four-story building.

He can sit and lie in the clouds.

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