El Malefico is an evil luchador who had been sealed up for 70,000 years. He escaped in "The Return of El Malefico." When the planets align and he controls The Flea into tricking Rikochet into reading a sentence from the Code Of Masked Wrestling backwards, thus freeing him. He then set out to defeat nearly every luchador and sealing them in the Code Of Masked Wrestling thus increasing his power. Rikochet, Buena Girl, and The Flea retrieve the Artifacts Of Buenaness; the Boots of Bravery, the Cape of Courage, and the Tights of Tightness. Using these they beat El Malefico. He then used the Code Of Masked Wrestling to grow to giant size. The Three Mascaritas do the same and defeat him in an epic battle that destroyed most of the city they fought in. He was defeated when Rikochet reversed one of El Malefico's attacks. He was banished back to were he came from. El Malefico is one of the most powerful villains in Mucha Lucha, if not the most powerful. His only real weakness is that he can be banished back but this can only happen if he is defeated which can only happen if one uses the Artifacts of Buenaness and the planets have not come out of alignment after which he becomes unstoppable. His true identity is Jenny Perkins. He also has a minion named Slurf. El Malefico is voiced by Tim Curry.