Cindy Slam​, originally known as ​Influenza, is a violent, tall masked wrestler who hates just about everything and can get angry very easily. It is unknown exactly why she is so angry all the time. Most of her appearances in the first two seasons had her growling most of the time with her only line being "This isn't my diary." in a sweet little girl's voice, but in season 3, she started talking regularly more often with a southern accent deeper than her original. Despite her southern accent, The first time she talked she had an accent. Her signature move, the Cindy Slammer, is to turn her hands into brick walls and crush her opponent. Her first voice is done by Kimberly Brooks and her second voice is done by Candi Milo.

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She has a short black pony tail and pale skin. She wears a purple mask with a red V with red around the eyes, and a black shirt with purple sleeves with the word "Grr!" on it, purple underwear tights with red sleeves with yellow stars on them, and white boots

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